Shinjuku Takano

Shinjuku Takano started in 1885 at the same time as Shinjuku Station.
This fruit specialty shop has grown along with Shinjuku from its early days constantly providing
its customers with the best tasting and highest quality fruits.
Shinjuku Takano first and foremost places importance on the production area and the producers
and we have pioneered into new territory by establishing our own factory. We are in constant pursuit of the deliciousness and possibilities which
exist in fruits through activities such as developing original items with utilize the charms of fruit and further expanding our fruit parlors.
Our fruits gift specialty stores wholeheartedly strive to meet the demands of the customer with high quality products and services
which fulfill the customer’s needs without betraying their trust.
Shinjuku Takano is aiming towards the next 100 years keeping these ideas intact
while the times change along with the values of people and the landscape of the streets.

ギフト二重梱包 メロンコーナー
昭和12年店先 昭和12年本店

Muskmelon specialty shop on the basement floor at our main location which opened in 2006 (top)

Store front remodeled in 1937 (left)
and main location building (right)

The Three Business Areas and the Production Plant of the Takano Group


Shinjuku Takano specializes in fruits and has a history of persistent commitment to fruits.
We offer products sorted by factors such as production area development, color, shape, size, freshness and sugar content using accurate methods to pick out high quality fruit. Products are carefully selected at their optimal time for consumption.
We place importance on seasons and events when offering high-class fruit gifts which are made possible by our traditional fruit specialty shops. We also put efforts into providing superior service so our customers can make their special occasions even more memorable.


Shinjuku Takano develops original products such as cakes, baked goods, desserts, jams, salad and bread using our core fruits.
We also provide ideas and information for a fruit-based lifestyle through various fruit eating methods which are overflowing with a seasonal sensation.
Our original products are made by fully extracting the deliciousness and juiciness of fruits. We offer products based on the unprecedented concept of “Fruit Preparation is Fruit Couture”.

Fruit Parlor

Takano Fruit Parlor is a restaurant business unparalleled in the world. We have come this far with the loving support of our customers.
We are committed to carefully-selected fruits filled with a seasonal sensation as well as fresh ingredients and refined services. Our parlors feature a menu and interior which impacts all of your senses including taste and sight. We offer a wide selection of items which let you fully appreciate fruits including our top-selling seasonal fruit parfaits which use generous portions of fruits, our grand menu with fruits which change with the seasons and our fruit course menu which is only offered at select locations including our main location.

Takano's Production Plant

Our production plant provides support behind the scenes of being fresh and fruity. This plant gives birth to one original Takano product after another such as cakes, bread, jams and delicacies which fully utilize the ingredients by using generous portions of fruits which were carefully selected by accurate methods characteristic of a fruit specialty shop and fusing traditional production methods, refined techniques and innovative ideas.
We continue to develop natural, healthy and high-quality products based on a timely sensation, seasonal appeal and freshness which are the essential qualities of fruits.